Data Processing

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Data Processing

Data Processing Services collect relevant data, whether it be from physical or electronic form,converts it into a usable form for downstream functions such as sorting, validation, aggregation, reporting, and analysis. We provide end-to-end online data processing solutions such as data entry, data indexing for easy retrieval, data conversion, and analysis to gather tactical insights and hence facilitate major business decisions.Whether you handle large volumes of raw data or are involved with small amounts of data, you know that data conversion and data processing is vital to your business.By outsourcing data processing services, entrepreneurs can reduce their overall headaches.

data process

Data Processing SERVICE:

  • Data Capturing

  • Form Processing

  • Data Conversion

  • Offline & Online Data Entry

  • Data Cleansing and Formatting

  • Data Entry

Benefits of Data Processing

  • Better business results.

    Data processing is essential for organizations to create better business strategies and increase their competitive edge.

  • Increased productivity

    Importance of data processing includes increased productivity and profits, better decisions, more accurate and reliable.

  • Simplified report-making

    Real time processing of data is the foundation and backbone of many companies such as those in banking and record keeping sector.

  • Fast and secure processes

    Having processed data in digital fulfills another very essential requirement of information being secure.

  • More structured data storage and access

    Further cost reduction, ease in storage, distributing and report making followed by better analysis and presentation are other advantages

  • Reduced costs

    The cost or loss which a company might incur because of lack of information is also drastically reduced. This is so as processed data enables it to take a wise and informed decision thus again saving on huge cost.

Stage 1

Data collection

The initial stage in data processing is the compilation of data
Stage 2

Sorting of data

After collecting the data, the next stage is the sorting of data
Stage 3

Data input

Data input is the first step in transforming raw data into usable information.
Stage 4

Data processing

The computer processes the data entered during the previous stage for interpretation.
Stage 5

Data output

The data output stage is where non-data analysts can use and interpret the data.
Stage 6

Data storage

Data storage is the last stage of data processing. After analysing and processing all the data, you can save it for future reference.

Data processing stages

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of industries have you worked for?

Some of the industries and domains that we have catered to include real estate, banking, finance, medicine, education ETC

How can I send my files to you?

If your files are in the form of scanned images, you can email them to us or upload them to our secure FTP server. Hard copy documents can be couriered to us. We can also perform remote data entry.

How do you ensure the quality of outcomes?

Having inbuilt quality check systems and a dedicated QA team to check the quality of outcomes, we take pride in delivering efficient, consistent, and accurate outcomes across different industries and verticals.

How do I receive a finished project?

We either email a finished project to our clients or they have the option of downloading it from our secure FTP server.

Is my data secured with you?

We know that data security is a prime concern for businesses and, thus, follow stringent data security protocols. To ensure that no data is hosted locally on our systems, we leverage Secure File Transfer Protocols (SFTP), File Transfer Protocols (FTP), and Virtually Protected Network (VPN) to retrieve and transfer data.

How do you receive payments?

All clients based outside India can pay us by wire transfers, credit card or PayPal.

How do I get in touch with you?
If you have specific queries that need to be addressed immediately, please call us at +91 9845234657 or write to us at