Back End Development

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Back End Development

Backend developers works on the server-side development. They focus on databases, scripting, and website architecture. If the frontend is the body of your application, the backend is the brain. The backend is the nerve center of an application that controls what happens on the server. he backend, also known as the server-side, is the code that runs on the server. It receives requests from users and contains the logic to send the right output to the user. The backend also comprises the database that stores all the information associated with the software solution. Technically speaking, backend development involves writing, optimizing, and deploying the intricate server-side code. Our team of backend experts has a deep knowledge and extensive experience in a wide range of programming languages and technologies. 


Backend is the functional core of the software, website, or mobile app. It’s a part of the software which handles things such as database interactions, calculations, and performance. This makes it one of the most vital components of a product. Most mobile and web applications require a server-side backend to process and manage data, which makes backend development one of the most vital components of an application. It acts as an invisible backbone that connects various critical parts of an application while integrating the entire application together. Back-end is arguably the most important part of any software. Despite the fact that it is hidden under the hood and away from user eyes, it is the very thing that makes the software tick and ultimately serves as a foundation for solid user experience. Without a quality back-end, software will not be able to function in the way user expects it to.

Back End Development SERVICE:

  • Website backend development

  • Custom CRM development

  • Web app backend development

  • API development & integration

  • Backend maintenance & support

Technologies Need for Back End Development

  • Web Development Languages

    Backend development include one server-side or backend programming language like PHP, Node.js, Java, .Net, etc.

  • Database and Cache

    Back-end development includes various DBMS technologies databases like MySQL, MongoDB, SQLServer.

  • Server

    Backend include Server site technologies like Apache, IIS servers, Microsoft IIS, etc.

  • API

    Technical knowledge of the creations and consumption of REST and SOAP services is important.


Roles and Responsibilities of Back-end Developers

back end developer
  • Backend developers need to create the page components and content dynamically on any web server.

  • Generate web pages by programming in PHP, Java, JavaScript languages.

  • Back End developers should understand the goals of the website and come up with effective solutions.

  • Backend developers are responsible for organizing the logic of the system, which runs across various devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is backend development?

Backend development is the process of building the backend, or server-side, or website. The backend of the website consists of a server, an application, and a database.

Does my business need backend development?

Website backend development is a necessity for every business since it allows you to create an enjoyable user experience and meet market needs.

Do you provide website maintenance?

Yes, our services include support and maintenance. 

What is the best language for back end development?

Each project requires a unique combination of back-end technologies. Therefore, there are no universal back-end languages.