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Analytics & Tracking

The benefits of using web analytics and tracking are often overlooked. We show you the best ways to analyse website usage and use your data effectively. Analytics is the term that collates all functions of analysis, collection and presentation of data that is automatically compiled by data trackers. This data can then be easily interpreted and applied to a multitude of uses in order to improve performance.


Our Google Analytics experts, can collect, examine, and interpret, data from the best tools available, and then refine your internet marketing strategies to ensure that you’re getting the most of your budget! Our goal is to give you intelligent and actionable insights by answering questions such as


  1. What do people do once they’re on your pages?
  2. How much traffic is coming into your website?
  3. What keywords bring in the most traffic and maximum conversions?
  4. Which of your campaigns perform well? Which ones don’t?

Digital marketing analytics means that you must set up tracking which monitors relevant user activity. In the case of eCommerce websites, this might mean measuring what pages your users’ visit, the purchases they make and the revenue you get from these sales.

Here, we’ll provide a basic overview of digital marketing analytics that every marketer needs to know:


  1. Why marketing analytics is so important
  2. How tracking works
  3. How cookies fit in with tracking
  4. The core metrics to track
  5. Changes you might have heard about within tracking
  6. Some of the most important marketing analytics tools.

Benefits of Website Analytics & Tracking

  • Know your visitors

  • Track where traffic is coming from

  • Use an IP lookup database

  • Use a personalised URL

  • Know exactly what your customers are looking for.

  • See where you are losing customers

  • Find out how to optimise your website

Web Analysis & Tracking


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